T Caps™
The baseball cap has finally been reinvented!

The innovative proprietary design of the T Caps includes custom designed sunglasses that slide through a slit in the peak when needed and back up when not needed anymore! You do not have to worry about losing, forgetting or damaging your sunglasses. They are always there when you need them, fastened to your cap.
1.A system of sliding and rotating temples allows you to position the sunglasses closer or away from your face for that perfect fit.

2.The sunglasses' unique design will give you more protection than regular sunglasses.

3.No itching where the sunglasses touch the nose anymore ! You decide if you want the sunglasses to touch your face or not.

4.The lenses offer UV 400 protection and are made with impact and scratch resistant polycarbonate.

5.The T Caps is simply unique and practical !